Please note: Due to prior grant commitments, the Durham Family Foundation will not accept unsolicited requests during 2017. Grant applications will be accepted by invitation only.

The Durham Family Foundation places importance on grants to nonprofit organizations that enrich the community and help people maximize their potential with priority given to agencies in Dallas / Fort Worth, Northern California and  Omaha, Nebraska.

Grants are made only to nonprofit organizations, which are recognized as charitable organizations by the Internal Revenue Code. Each applicant is required to provide a copy of their IRS determination letter stating that the applicant organization is a tax exempt organization as described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Agencies must have at least 3 years of submitted tax returns.

When considering grant applications, the Foundation considers many factors including the following:

  • The overall health and mission of the agency, including whether the agency has strong leadership, innovative and effective programs, and effective financial stewardship.
  • Whether the proposed project or program is well designed to meet a specific need and will produce well-defined, measurable, cost-effective, positive change for the population being served. 
  • Whether sufficient financial support is available from other sources to ensure both implementation of the program and the program’s continuity after the grant period.
  • For capital requests, there must be a timeline and funding plan in place to demonstrate a reasonable chance of success for the completion of the project.
  • If operational funding is requested, the agency must demonstrate that the need for operating support is short-term and that plans are in place to ensure that other sources of funding will be available to meet future operational needs.
The Durham Family Foundation does not provide funds for the following: Grants to individuals, loans, debt reduction, scholarships paid directly to students, programs whose purpose is to influence legislation or to support candidates for political office.


Grant applications are sent to organizations that are selected to submit a full proposal after evaluation of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Applications must be submitted on or before the following dates to be reviewed in a particular quarter:

February 15 for review at the March board meeting

May 15 for review at the June board meeting

August 15 for review at the September board meeting

November 15 for review at the December board meeting.

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