• What kind of organizations do you fund?
    The Durham Family Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that enrich the community and help people maximize their potential. Specifically, this might include arts and cultural institutions or programs, education, social services, or programs that encourage innovation and excellence.
  • What geographic region do you cover?
    The Durham Family Foundation is mainly focused on making philanthropic investments with local non-profits in Dallas / Fort Worth, Northern California and Omaha, Nebraska.
  • How can our organization apply for a grant?
    We are not accepting unsolicited requests in 2017. If you are invited to submit a request, it’s a simple two-step process – The first step is to create an account and submit our online Letter of Inquiry form and, upon review and invitation, submission of a complete grant proposal.
  • What information needs to be provided within the grant request?
    The Letter of Inquiry asks for a brief overview of the agency and proposed project or program.The full application will ask for additional information about the agency, including detailed financial information, and specific information about the proposed project or program and expected outcomes. Uninvited proposals will not be considered.
  • When is the deadline for grant requests?
    If your organization is invited to complete a full application, then proposals must be submitted according to the following timeline

February 15 for review at the March board meeting
May 15 for review at the June board meeting
August 15 for review at the September board meeting
November 15 for review at the December board meeting

Decisions related to grant applications are finalized within 30 days of each quarterly deadline.

  • Can we meet with someone to discuss a possible proposal?
    Due the volume of grant requests we receive, it is not possible to meet with organizations individually, although one of our Foundation directors may reach out if we have questions or need further information.
  • Will you do a site visit?
    Involvement by Foundation directors normally includes site visits, as well as follow-up evaluations.


  • When are grants funded?
    Decisions related to grant applications are finalized within 30 days after the quarterly deadline. Payment will depend on the timeline included with the grant application. Some grants will be distributed within a couple of weeks after a decision is made, but grants requiring additional funding for implementation, may be paid after all the funding is acquired.
  • Do you do multi-year grants?
    Yes, but most grants are for one year.


  • How will we know if our proposal has been accepted or rejected?
    Decisions related to grant applications are finalized within 30 days of the quarterly deadline, and we will contact each organization that has been invited to submit a proposal.


  • Do you fund scholarships?
    The Durham Family Foundation does not provide funds for scholarships directly to students.
  • Do you make grants for organizations outside the United States?
    The Durham Family Foundation does not consider grants outside the U.S. at this time.
  • We have applied for, but not received, a letter from the IRS establishing our nonprofit 501 (c)3 status yet.  Are we eligible to apply?
    No. Federal law requires that Foundation grants can only be made to certified non-profit groups.
    Applicants must have at least 3 years of submitted tax returns.