Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest in the Durham Family Foundation.

Our overriding goal for the Foundation is simple: We want to make grants where they will do the most good and where our gifts will make a real difference.

As a family foundation, we value the role of education and supportive services for young people. We are committed to serving at-risk children and youth. Supporting the necessary ingredients to realize a child’s potential, such as quality mentoring—long-term, trusting relationships between children and caring adults—our grant investments aim to enhance the character, uplift the skills, and nurture leadership among children and youth in our communities.

Encouraging and supporting the arts, especially here in Dallas-Fort Worth, is a focus of the Durham Family Foundation. The arts in all their variety are indispensable to the spirit and quality of life. The Durham Family Foundation seeks, through its community arts grants, to ensure the availability of a wide variety of art experiences.

We are deeply grateful for the essential programs and services that our grantees and others bring to our communities, and we continue to learn, share and grow from their knowledge and experience. Working together with these partners, we have high aspirations to improve the communities where we live and work.

Thank you for your interest in the Durham Family Foundation.


Steven H. Durham
President – Durham Family Foundation